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Speedcoins Affiliate Program

SPD Affiliate

Get 500 speedcoins

We increased reward sum from 35 SPD to 500 SPD which we pay for each user which you refer. You need to login on our website, to join in our affiliate program.

Get 500 Speedcoins as a Reward for each new user who downloads our speedcoin wallet, login on our website through his Facebook account and get 500 free speedcoins as a new Speedcoin user from us.

Yes, our speedcoin wallet is absolutely free, anonymous, secure. And we are ready to give absolutely free 1,000 speedcoins - 500 speedcoins to a new user and an additional 500 speedcoins to you as reward.

How do you start receive rewards ?

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It is simple. Login to our website using your Facebook/Email account (click on Log In button above; if you logged already, please reload page). You will see your affiliate url on the current page. Simply send the affiliate url to your friends / publish on forums / websites. We use affiliate cookies with an expiration time 48 hours.
If someone clicked on a your affiliate url and download speedcoin wallet and get 500 Speedcoin as new user, you’ll also get 500 speedcoins as reward also.

We send rewards daily (for example, 7 users come through your affiliate link on our website today, downloaded speedcoin wallet and apply for 500 free speedcoins from us). We will automatically send free 500 speedcoins to each of new user today, and on next day (tomorrow) will automatically send 3,500 SPD speedcoins (500SPD x 7 users = 3,500 SPD) to your speedcoin wallet address also. You will see your affiliate statistics on bottom of current page.

We also provide you with statistics - how many you receive speedcoins as reward for each day.

Your Affiliate Statistics

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